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When the tourists flew in
The Finance Minister said
“It will boost the economy
The dollars will flow in.”

The Minister of the Interior said
“It will provide full
and varied employment
for all the indigenes.”

The Minister of Culture said
“It will enrich our life …
contacts with other cultures
must surely
improve the texture of living.”

The man from the Hilton said
“We will make you a second
for you it is the dawn
of a glorious new beginning!”

When the tourists flew in
our island people
metamorphosed into
a grotesque carnival
- a two week side-show

When the tourists flew in
our men put aside
their fishing nets
to become waiters
our women became whores

When the tourists flew in
what culture we had
went out the window
we traded our customs
for sunglasses and pop
we turned sacred ceremonies
into ten-cent peep shows

When the tourists flew in
local food became scarce
prices went up
but our wages stayed low

When the tourists flew in
we could no longer
go down to our beaches
the hotel manager said
“Natives defile the sea-shore”

When the tourists flew in
the hunger and the squalor
were preserved
as a passing pageant
for clicking cameras
- a chic eyesore!

When the tourists flew in
we were asked
to be ‘side-walk ambassadors’
to stay smiling and polite
to always guide
the ‘lost’ visitor …
Hell, if we could only tell them
where we really want them to go!

- When the Tourists Flew In by Cecil Rajendra via (locomotives)
VIA androphilia
ORIGINALLY locomotives
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